For the complete set of docs, please check out the docs page on skUnity here.

  • Late Register

    perform a late register

  • Disable all plugins

    disable all plugins
    disable every plugin

  • Throw a NullPointerException

    throw [a] runtime[ ]exception

  • Load script from text

    execute [(skript|script)] code [from (text|lines)] %strings%

  • Load script from text

    load [a] (script|skript) from (text|lines) %strings%

  • Claim Faction Land

    claim land for [the] [faction] %faction% at %location%
    claim %location% for [the] [faction] %faction%

  • Factions - Create a Faction

    create [a] faction [(with name|named)] %string% with leader %player%

  • Invite to Faction

    invite %player% to [the] [faction] %faction%

  • Kick Player from Faction

    (remove|kick) %player% from [the] [faction] %faction%

  • Unclaim Faction Land

    unclaim [faction] land at %location%

  • Object at position of list

    [the] class[[ ]name] of [the] [object] %object%
    [the] name of [the] class of [the] [object] %object%

  • Full Time

    (full|total)[ ]time of %world%
    %world%'s (full|total)[ ]time

  • Json String

    json (string|text) %string% from [json] %string%

  • Json String

    json (string|text) %string% from [json] %string%

  • Module version

    [the] version [string] of [the] [umbaska] module [(named|with name)] %string%

  • On Chunk Change - New Chunk

    new chunk

  • Get the system new line

    new[ ]line
    system line

  • Object at position of list

    %*classinfo% at [the] pos[ition] %number% (of|in) [the] [(list|array)] %objects%

  • On Chunk Change - Old Chunk

    old chunk

  • Players Who Are Flying

    %players% flying
    flying %players%

  • Players who are inside vehicles

    %players% [(driving|riding)] (in[side]|on) [a] vehicle[s]

  • Players who are in given world

    %players% in world %world%

  • Players who are sleeping

    %players% sleeping
    sleeping %players%

  • Players Who Are Sneaking

    %players% sneaking
    sneaking %players%

  • Players With Permission

    %players% with perm[ission[[ ]node]] %string%

  • Tab character

    new[ ]line
    tab [char[acter]]

  • Timespan converted to different units

    %timespan% converted to milliseconds
    %timespan% converted to seconds
    %timespan% converted to minutes
    %timespan% converted to hours
    %timespan% converted to days
    %timespan% converted to ticks
    %timespan% converted to (minecraft|mc) minutes
    %timespan% converted to (minecraft|mc) hours
    %timespan% converted to (minecraft|mc) days

  • Different units from a timespan or a date

    millisecond[s] (of|from) %date/timespan%
    second[s] (of|from) %date/timespan%
    minute[s] (of|from) %date/timespan%
    hour[s] [of day] (of|from) %date/timespan%
    day[s] of week (of|from) %date/timespan%
    day[s] of month (of|from) %date/timespan%
    day[s] of year (of|from) %date/timespan%
    week[s] of month (of|from) %date/timespan%
    week[s] of year (of|from) %date/timespan%
    month[s] (of|from) %date/timespan%
    year[s] (of|from) %date/timespan%

  • Url Decoded Text

    url decoded %string%

  • Url Encoded Text

    url encoded %string%

  • Factions - ALl Factions

    all factions
    list of [all] factions,
    factions list

  • Factions - List of Allies

    list of [all] allies of [the faction] %faction%,
    [all] faction allies list of [the faction] %faction%

  • Factions - Description of Faction

    desc[ription] of %faction%

  • Enemies of Faction

    list of [all] enemies of [the faction] %faction%
    [all] faction enemies list of %faction%

  • Factions - Faction at Location

    [the] faction at [loc[ation]] %location%

  • Factions - Faction of Player

    [the] faction of [player] %player%

  • Factions - Home of Faction

    home of faction
    faction's home

  • Factions - MOTD of Faction

    motd of [the] faction

  • Factions - Name of Faction

    name of [the] faction %faction%

  • Factions - Player in given Faction

    [all] players (in|of) [the] faction %faction%

  • Get a YAML value

    [yaml] value [from] [path] %string% in [file] %string%

  • Always False

    always false
    never true
    (skript|umbaska) is not great

  • Always True

    always true
    never false
    (skript|umbaska) is great